Blackie Spit

My wife and I took the dog for a short walk about Blackie Spit last weekend. Somehow we managed to time it just right and were able to stay dry despite the variable weather. It’s changed quite a bit since we moved away from that area ten years ago and I like the improvements that have been made to protect the birds.

At first, I was disappointed with the restrictions now placed on dog owners, but after narrowly avoiding quite a few piles of dog poop, I remembered that there are a lot of pretty poor pet owners out there and thought it just as well. Since we had our dog with us, some areas were off limits to us, but we still saw a lot of birds (12 species in total that day) and I was able to sort out some of the duck issues I was having with my bird list. We saw Mallards, American Wigeons and the Northern Pintail, which I find to be one of the most striking puddle ducks. My wife was thrilled with the number of Great Blue Herons we saw. We also spotted a number of hawks on the way there, but I haven’t added them to my bird list yet as I’m still not sure I’ve identified them correctly. I think at least one was a Cooper’s Hawk.

Unfortunately, we also saw a lot of people down there and I think I’ll look for more remote locations for future birding. Why anybody would want to live like a sardine in busy Crescent Beach is beyond me.

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