Early April Fishing

I was serious when I wrote that it was time to go fishing. Here are a few photos from my trip last week. The fishing was slow, but it was a beautiful day and my fishing partner and I had the lake to ourselves. Please don’t ask me where we were; I don’t seem to remember.

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5 Responses to Early April Fishing

  1. That looks great!

    If it wasn’t -2 and a blizzard in EDM I might be able to try for Goldeyes on dry fly!

  2. Iris says:

    Were you successful? It looks to be a gorgeous lake, though it must have been seriously chilly. What kind of bird is in your photo?

  3. Anthony says:

    It was supposed to get up to 15°C that day, but I don’t think it quite made it. It was warm in the sunshine, a little cool in the shade but not bad.

    The bird is a Common Loon. There were two fishing there that day and they didn’t seem overly shy about coming close to us.

    • Iris says:

      Of course it’s a loon – how could I not recognize it? Silly, silly me. It doesn’t have its neck extended…perhaps that’s what fooled me (she said, scrabbling madly for excuses). 🙂

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