Garbage in the woods

View of Mountain FSR
It wasn’t much of a spring weather-wise, but my wife and I, and the dog, made good use of it and explored the local mountains as much as we could. We discovered some stunningly beautiful places but were often surprised to find large quantities of garbage in the woods. Sadly, it’s no longer much of a surprise. From major appliances to carpets of shotgun shells so thick it sounded as if we were walking on bubble-wrap, we came across so much trash that it was all rather disheartening. The above photo was taken as we walked through some beautiful country, enjoying the aerial display of a group of hummingbirds that were so plentiful we decided to call the area Hummingbird Hill. I’ve discreetly cropped out the sofa.

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  1. I have the same issues here in AB. Morons.

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