Evening Grosbeak

While at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary on Saturday, I spotted my first Evening Grosbeak. Unfortunately, her beak was a bit of a mess, but she was far too intent on eating to stop and get cleaned up for a photoshoot. Can anyone identify the fruit? Click on the photo to see a larger version.

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2 Responses to Evening Grosbeak

  1. Iris Schindel says:

    Fabulous bird shot! I’ve never seen a grosbeak that I know of.

    The sky is amazing. Are you using UV filters and such these days? It reminds me of the filtered blues we’d get back in the days of film.

    The bark, the remainder of the leaf, and the way the fruit is growing on grouped stems all make me think it’s some kind of cherry relative. Is that worth pursuing?

  2. Neotine says:

    We don’t have this kind of bird over here. Perhaps the tree is a wild apple tree (at the begining of winter), because of the knotty wood and the fruit together….

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