This blog is an experiment in which an old guy tries to arrange his manner in such a way as to most accurately hear the song of the birds.Old Dogs Posts will be fairly infrequent as the author is profoundly taciturn and has poor work habits. Any illustrations or photography that appear on this blog are unfortunately original.

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This blog collects no personal information on its readers.

You may find a robin lurking about here. His name is Carl Sagan and you shouldn’t mess with Carl Sagan.


2 Responses to About

  1. Heidi says:

    I think that Carl is on to something.

  2. Hoffmann christophe says:

    Salut Anthony,

    Je viens de redécouvrir ton bon blog en Français, je trouve ça très bien! Je me demande où tu trouves tout ce temps pour faire autant de choses! Voilà, je te dis à demain sur Skype!


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