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Tortue à oreilles rouges

Dernière week-end, j’ai fait une belle promenade avec ma femme à la réserve pour les oiseaux. Il faisait beau et j’ai vu cette tortue à oreilles rouges.

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Black-capped Chickadee – Mésange à tête noire

Can anyone identify the bush this little fellow is perched on? (Click the image to view a larger version.)

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Sandhill Crane – Grue du Canada

I find it fascinating that ‘we’ have fossils of these birds that are approximately 2.5 million years old, considerably older than most other living bird species. Watching them move about is like being able to see through the thickness of … Continue reading

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In 2012, I added 32 birds, including this Ring-necked Duck, to my bird list. Here they are: American Coot American Goldfinch Barred Owl Black-billed Magpie Black-headed Grosbeak Bufflehead California Quail Cedar Waxwing Clark’s Nutcracker Common Goldeneye Common Tern Double-crested Cormorant … Continue reading

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Evening Grosbeak

While at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary on Saturday, I spotted my first Evening Grosbeak. Unfortunately, her beak was a bit of a mess, but she was far too intent on eating to stop and get cleaned up for a photoshoot. … Continue reading

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I haven’t disappeared, but, since the early days of this year, I have dedicated almost all of my free time to learning French. I am also busy rereading the entire works of Albert Camus, one of my favourite authors, in … Continue reading

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Part of me wants to do the right thing and eat only local foods. Another part of me wants to sit in the sun and eat strawberries trucked all the way up from California for lunch. Today, the sun and … Continue reading

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This is a 1965 flyer from Pacific Chrysler Plymouth with a fishing knot and hook size chart on the second side. My paternal grandfather, who passed away in the early 1970s, kept it in his tackle box. It has been … Continue reading

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My Small Year

This is my second ‘official’ year as a birder of sorts. Actually, I’ve been casually watching birds for years but somehow never worked up the enthusiasm to bother identifying the various species I didn’t recognize. It was a lazy enjoyment … Continue reading

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Backcountry Bear Basics

Hey Joe! I read Backcountry Bear Basics, by Dave Smith, last summer and definitely recommend it if you spend time in bear country. I thought I was fairly bear aware, but this book certainly opened my eyes to a number of … Continue reading

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