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Finding French Characters on a Logitech K120 Keyboard

I recently switched my primary computer from a Mac to a PC, and I’ve found it a bit of a challenge to locate all of the French characters and symbols I need. Searching the Internet hasn’t been much of a help, and so I thought I’d share what I’ve discovered here.

Two points: I’ve installed Microsoft’s French Canadian Language Pack and am using an English Logitech K120 keyboard. I also bought the French Canadian K120, but it seems to match up even less well with Microsoft’s French Canadian keyboard layout than the English K120. Go figure.

è = single quote
é = ?
(use shift 6 for a question mark)
à = \ (plus shift for capital)
(use ~ for a / and add shift for \ or alt for | )
(~ = crtl + (right square bracket)

‘ = shift + <
” = shift + >
Use Alt to get the < or >
or use: Alt + x or z to get  « »

“ = Crtl + v
” = Ctrl + b
‘ = Crtl-Shift + v
’ = Crtl-Shift + b

ç = right square bracket (shift for cap)
û = left square bracket + vowel
ü = right square bracket + vowel
ù = alt left square bracket + vowel
ũ = alt right square bracket + vowel
ú = crtl+ ; + vowel
œ = ctrl + e

Ctrl 2 = ² squared
Ctrl 3 = ³ cubed
Ctrl 4 = ¼
Ctrl 5 = ½
Ctrl 6 = ¾

Ctrl-shift + N = ♪
Crtl-shift + , = ×
Crtl-shift + . = ÷
Crtl-shift + $ = €
Crtl c = ¢

Crtl-shift + (left square bracket) and then typing a space = ˚

So far, I haven’t been able to locate the square or curly (braces) brackets. Consequently, I’m switching back to the English keyboard layout (Windows key + space bar) when I need those. If anyone knows how to produce those without leaving the French layout, I’d love to hear from you.

Last updated: August 20, 2015


I haven’t disappeared, but, since the early days of this year, I have dedicated almost all of my free time to learning French. I am also busy rereading the entire works of Albert Camus, one of my favourite authors, in English. My goal, this year, is to become proficient enough in French that I can begin to read all of Camus’ work in the original French next year.

Having said that, I have been out hiking/birdwatching a number of times and have already added  28 new species to my Wild Bird List this year.

Well, back to the books …