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The donkey

The donkey

Photo by Lemonbat

Between two voids, a donkey stands silently watching the sunlight dance on the water while a cat drinks from a bowl. He claims nothing. He knows nothing. Yet in these sparks of light his body senses a truth. He is awake. The bowl is good. The cat is good. Everything is as it should be.


The Crow

CrowI shot a crow out of a cherry tree when I was twelve-years-old. He fell to the ground and his wings fluttered violently as he struggled not to die. I grabbed a nearby stick to finish him off and as I raised it above him he gasped, “Wait.”
“What do you want, old crow,” I asked.
“I want to live,” he said.
“I want to love and be loved by my friends and family, to enjoy the sensual pleasures of life, to engage in creative work and play, and to continually investigate what is true and good and then arrange my life and manner in accordance with those discoveries,” he said. “This is how one becomes authentic, the key to all freedom and happiness.”
Then I whacked him with the stick.